Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Your New Origami Owl Designers

Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Your New Origami Owl Designers

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Steps to Welcome a New Consultant to Your Business

Recruiting is an important part of your Origami Owl  business. But adding team members is not just a numbers game; it is an investment in your business.  Welcoming your new team member into the business properly is a critical step in the recruiting process so that they do not feel overwhelmed and lost.

Let’s look a few great steps that you will want to cover after you sign your consultant to help them get acclaimated as quickly as possible so they can start making money as soon as possible.  That, after all, is the name of the game!

1. Once you get your new consultant registered you will want to reach out and talk to him or her in-person or via phone. You will want to let them know that the registration process has been completed, when they should expect their business kit to arrive and to answer any additional questions they may have. I usually call them immediately after they register and let them know that we should set up a coaching call once they get their kit.

2. Send a Welcome Packet of some sort in the mail. This can be a hand written note with a folder of print outs, a tiny gift. Anything really. Just a packet put together by you to let them know how excited you are that they joined your team.  After all everyone loves getting snail mail right?

3.  After they receive their new business kit, you will want to contact them again and go over everything that arrived in their kit. Explain everything in detail, give them a “pep talk” and help them get rolling with their new business.

4. If the new team member lives locally to you, invite them to tag-along with you to a few of your home parties or to any business events that you may be attending. A lot of times new origami owl designers just need to build-up their confidence and to feel comfortable with their new business and you can do that by letting them shadow you for a few weeks.

If they are not local, you will want to keep in regular touch with them via phone and email to help guide them along the way. If your company has business videos available or an online learning resource center, hop on the phone with the new consultant and walk them through it. Make sure that you spend ample time teaching them how to set up their consultant web site and teaching them how to navigate around it.

Making sure that your new Origami Owl Designers have the tools that they need to succeed. It starts with the welcome and introduction to this direct sales business.  What made you feel special when you started?  What did your recruiter help you with to make your business successful?  Make sure you are doing that and more for your new consultants and they in turn will pass it on within their new teams.

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