Setting Yourself Apart From Other Origami Owl Designers

Setting Yourself Apart From Other Origami Owl Designers

Direct sales can be a very competitive business especially when we know everyone loves Origami Owl and many people will be starting their Origami Owl businesses. With that said, you can still have a successful business by setting yourself apart from all of the other designers in your neighborhood by following these important tips. Don’t stop yourself from recruiting because you are fearful that there will be too many designers. Grow your team and teach them these same principals. If you don’t recruit them, someone else will and growing a team is what grows your paycheck.

1. Person-to-Person Contact – When interacting with your established and potential customers and party hosts, do it face-to-face and in-person whenever possible. Even in this digital age of technology, a lot of customers still prefer the personal contact.

2. Order Processing & Delivery – When taking orders from your customers make sure you process them as quickly as possible and if available, offer direct to customer shipping for the fastest order turnaround. If you feel the need, you can toss in a little promo item as a freebie gift to thank the customer for their order.

In addition, offer customers a large variety of ways to place their order with you. Allow them to order by phone, email, text message, in-person, mail order, etc. Customers are busy and they all want to place orders when it’s most convenient for them.

3. The Follow-up – It is really important to follow up with every customer and party host a few weeks after the transaction. Call them up or visit them in person to make sure they are completely satisfied with your services and/or the products that they purchased. If not, work quickly to rectify the situation.  Offer tips on how to use the products so they have options and can get the most use out of your products.  Ask to add them to a mailing list or offer your Facebook page as a means to follow you for additional tips.

4. Be Visible – You will want to be “very” visible within your community and let everyone know what kind of business you have and how to contact you when they need something. Get involved in community groups, school and athletic programs and just get out there within your own community. Those who are strong business leaders are very visible and others know what they do for a living. You can’t compete with others if you are just sitting around waiting for customers to find you!

5. Do What Others Are Not – Look at what services that your competitors are not offering or are not following through with and make sure you do those things for your customers.  Word of mouth speaks volumes especially in a local community.  Impress customers with your service and word will spread.

Use these tips to take the time to set your Origami Owl business apart from the rest by focusing on what you can do for others.  See what you can do better than your competitors and set the wheels in motion to fill the gaps. Your customers and others will take notice.  Become your customer’s LOCKET LADY! Give them reasons to only build their stories with you. Follow up is key. Don’t take the easy way out. Loyal customers usually are the ones who eventually join your teams. Stick with them.


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