Should I Buy Gifts for my Origami Owl Team?

Should I Buy Gifts for my Origami Owl Team?

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Whether or Not to Buy Your Origami Owl Team Gifts

Leaders often feel compelled to buy their Origami Owl team gifts and rewards for a job well done. Some use gifts to inspire them to reach goals and new levels of achievement within their direct sales business.  While using a gift can be beneficial for some in terms of recognition and reward, it can also be a waste of money in certain instances too.  I think it all depends on the size of the reward and type if gift you are giving.

I have had  leaders reward their teams with charm bracelets – using a particular charm for each level that was achieved and special charms for special occasions and goals. Some Leaders have hand made their Origami Owl team gifts or shopped far and wide for something extra special for each team member. While this is a great idea in concept, it can be very costly for the leader. It can also be a waste of money in the long run.

Things to consider when thinking about buying Origami Owl Team Gifts

Personal items like a charm bracelet can be great for some people but not so much for others. What if your Origami Owl team member does not wear jewelry besides ours? What happens when your rep leaves the company?  What if some just aren’t as excited as something hand made and are only happy with expensive items? Lavish gifts like this are really not worth it in the long run. However there are some gifts that you can use.

What are some good ideas to recognize your Origami Owl team?

Instead, consider buying your Origami Owl team products that can help grow their business like: logo t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, car decals, branded pens, office supplies, etc. Those are things that a lot of people don’t invest in and they can use them to help grow and promote their Origami Owl business. Gift cards are great ideas as well such as office supply stores, printing companies and even our Origami Owl Swag area. I use a lot to find great vendors who make things that I can keep going back to. My Origami Owl team love motivation things or items they can add to their teal office. Connecting with your team is what makes teams stronger and finding ways to do that can make the difference between the stronger or less connected teams in the company.

In addition, when you reward them with business growth items that in-turn will help to grow your income because their sales and business is growing too. As an added bonus, you can write off the rewards as a business expense when you file your yearly taxes.

Take a look at what you are spending on gifts and rewards in your business. Is it worth it? Is your team excited and motivated? Perhaps a change is in order that can benefit you, your team and income level too. I mainly give memorable gifts for my first level designers when they promote to a new level. I find something they can kept that they will love and that is from the heart. For monthly achievements such as Top Achievements, I usually give my favorite…… See below.

Origami Owl card

An item that costs only usually the total amount of a US stamp is a hand written card. I have seen the best reaction and appreciation com from more hand written notes than any gift I have ever given. A stamp and a few minutes of your time along with words from the heart can be the most moving and most memorable gift of all to your Origami Owl team. They can strengthen your connection and really help build confidence in your designers. Some times it is the most simple gift that will make the most difference with your Origami Owl team.  Try one of these ideas and let me know how they work over on our Facebook page at

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