Go Straight to The Top with Your Origami Owl Sponsor

Go Straight to The Top with Your Origami Owl Sponsor

Benefits of Working with Your Origami Owl Sponsor

There are millions of men and women that sign up for a direct sales style of business that have worked in the business before.  So for them it may seem like they know everything that they need to create a decent business and make a successful living.  However, working with your Origami Owl sponsor has many benefits. I feel that it is important that you build a professional relationship with your Origami Owl sponsor so that you can reap all of the business perks that come along with that relationship.

 Here is why you should take the time and valuable business information that your Origami Owl sponsor is offering to you.

First of all, Training, Knowledge and Experience are all very valuable commodities in a leader and your leader can pass all of this knowledge on to you! Once you learn all of these things you can be a confident direct sales owner and perhaps even an Origami Owl team leader. Something to point out, that not all Origami Owl sponsor – consultant relationship will be perfect. This is why it is so important to do your research before you join the business. You want to choose the perfect fit for you.

Origami Owl Leaders

Take a look at this partial list of knowledge that you can learn from your Origami Owl Sponsor:

* Extensive Product Knowledge

* Jewelry Bar Party Demonstration Tips

* Vendor Show Participation Tips

* Business Motivation & Inspiration

* Experienced Marketing Skills

* Team Building & Recruiting Knowledge

* Professional Customer Service Skills
* Company Leadership & Training Knowledge

* Business Problem Solving Skills

* Tax Deductions Knowledge

* Experienced Phone Skills

Still think you can go it alone?  Perhaps you can, but remember this; everyone has skills that they feel they are lacking in.  What is your weak spot? Let your direct sales leader help you with the areas you are weakest in.  Offer to exchange for some information and training that you may be stronger in or help at local meetings to train other consultants.  We all need someone that we can fall back on and that is what your leader is there for.

Don’t shut the door on your Origami Owl Sponsor. Keep the door open for extra training and knowledge that may end up being just what you need to reach the levels in your business that you are dreaming about.  Communicate to them about what you need. They are not mind readers and most of the time, they are learning along with you.

Tell me about your Origami Owl Sponsor. I want to hear how things are going or what amazing things you have learned.Haven’t joined Origami Owl? Then read all about how you can start your own business here.

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3 Responses to Go Straight to The Top with Your Origami Owl Sponsor

  1. Holly Jean says:

    Your website and branding is gorgeous! Love the colors for this fun, flirty brand. A great wealth of knowledge that can be acquired from Oragami Owl Sponsors.

    • Jilleysue says:

      Thank you Holly. We have worked quite a while and the page is still a work in progress. Its always a great thing to have sites to go to to help help in the event, you still have a young mentor.

  2. I think training and communication is the key to success in any business. I can see where it would be especially important in direct sales where you don’t have daily access to people sitting in the next cubby.

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