Strong Traits and Skills of a Successful Origami Owl Leader Part 1

Strong Traits and Skills of a Successful Origami Owl Leader Part 1

Remember back when you were looking for the perfect direct sales business to join? You had a ton of questions and had found the perfect leader that was patient and helped you learn everything you needed to become successful in your business.  Then you found Origami Owl and you spent some time just learning the ins and outs of the business. Now you are ready to be an Origami Owl leader yourself and maybe you are wondering if you have what it takes.

I come up with some strong traits and skills that a successful team leader should have.  These are things that you can work on throughout your business career. Since there are quite a few traits, this is part 1 of 2 posts of some tips you can use.

 * Knowledgeable – To be a good Origami Owl leader you need to take the time to educate yourself on everything that has to do with Origami Owl and our products. While you don’t need to have everything in the world memorized, you do need to know as much as possible so that you can lead your team to success – or know where to find the information. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more confident you will be. Confident business owners are who new team members want to sign up under.

* Outgoing & Friendly – You will need to be outgoing and friendly as you will be required to do Origami Owl Jewelry Bars, vendor events, attend networking events & conferences, meet with potential recruits and lead your team. If you are shy, it is okay! You will need to work hard to overcome your shyness and get comfortable with working the business.  Many shy people overcome and become very successful in their business. I use to really hate the phone and I found that the more and more I got on it to talk to my team or customers, the easier it got. Practice makes perfect.

* Dedication – You will have to dedicate many hours every week to working on all aspects of your Origami Owl business. This includes blocking off big chunks of time to do your own home parties and leading your team. If you work your business as a career it will yield you career style income. If you treat it as a hobby, well, it will yield hobby style income.

  * Patience – This is huge. There will be ups and downs within your business which is true for any type of business you may own or any type of job that you may work at. You will need a lot of patience to deal with the obstacles when they arise and to weather any storms that may come your way. Success does not happen overnight and in most cases, it doesn’t happen within a couple of months. You will need patience for the long haul in building up a successful home business. As your team grows, you will have more and more questions come at you. Usually the same questions. Something that I did in my business was find ways to answer questions in bulk such as a welcome email and videos that I sent to my team or post on my team page. This way instead of answering 100 of the same questions, I can answer once for 100 people. Just be patient and know that many have never done anything like this before and are looking to you to lead the way. Be their cheerleader, their coach, their mentor, their friend.

 Make sure to come back and check out Part 2 of our tips that you can work on to become a strong direct sales leader.  

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