Tips for Maintaining Professional Ethics While Building Your Origami Owl Team

Tips for Maintaining Professional Ethics While Building Your Origami Owl Team

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As a work at home professional, I think we can all say we know that we have to be an ethical person or we would not have any business.  Let’s face it.  Our customers trust us with personal information at the time of the sale or booking.  Plus we are being trusted especially when chosen to be a leader and mentor for someone who wants to join Origami Owl.

To be a leader, you are placed in a role that can affect the outcome of someone else’s life.  You can be the change for another to become successful, given the right tools and encouragement. That is a heavy load.  But one we all love to take on.  With that does come the need for professional ethics in terms of team building and issues that can occur in groups.   Being on top of the rules and guidelines for your team from the beginning will set the tone for the whole group.

Here are some things to think about for your team.  You can add others as you see fit and expand on how you are going to manage – but not micro manage – your team.

1. Time Management: As a recruiter who is building an Origami Owl team, it is your job to manage your work time wisely. You need to set aside time every week to communicate with your team. It is your job to train them, motivate them, and to encourage them to obtain their own business goals. By recruiting others and not spending any time managing a member of the team, you are doing them and yourself a disservice. You must make time for one on one coaching, recognition and team building. All of those are key factors in the success of your team.

2. Favoritism: As a team leader it is your job to show no favoritism when it comes to managing your team. While you may have favorites that you work with, it is important to treat each member of the team equally. What you do for one, you must do for all.

3. Handle Problems Professionally: From time to time you might encounter a few problems among various members on your team. It is important that you address these problems quickly and professionally. By ignoring problems or mishandling them, you risk the problem blowing up into a big fiasco. Handle them privately and head on, whether by a Facebook chat, phone call or face to face. Nip it in the bud and then let it go. Do not hold on to tension because of past disagreements. It will only cause a disconnect in your group. Your goal is to create a unified sector of Origami Owl and support each other.

4. Team Member Gossip: You should never gossip about the faults of the company with team members and you certainly should not gossip about various team members with other members. Gossip is a hurtful and personal thing and has no place in business. Squelch any immediately! Complaining about the company even when teams seem the worst and entering in gossip or venting sessions will do nothing for your team. Find out the issues, listen and try to find solutions to the problem so that everyone can move past the situation quickly. This produces productive designers who are happy.

5. Share Company Guidelines: Most companies have specific guidelines on advertising and recruiting policies.  Makes sure you address these guidelines with the entire team and each new member including how you expect your team to handle these procedures.  Many issues arise from new recruits not knowing how to recruit others ethically and within the company policies. You may not always agree with company policy but as a leader, it is your job to support the company and be a liason between designers and OO.

By taking time to set up how you want your team to perform and educating your members, you will save a lot of negative and valuable time that can be used to grow your business.  Take the time to be professional in every aspect of your Origami Owl business. 

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