Tips to Liven Up Your Origami Owl Jewelry Bars & Make Them Fun

Tips to Liven Up Your Origami Owl Jewelry Bars & Make Them Fun

Fun and exciting Origami Owl Jewelry Bars

When it comes to doing Origami Owl jewelry Bars, it is very important that you make them fun and entertaining for both the party host and the guests who are in attendance. When people are having a good time they are more apt to place bigger orders, book Origami Owl jewelry bars and often times they are more interested in having a home business just like YOU!

Here are a few tips on how to making your Origami Owl Jewelry bars fun and exciting!

1. You will want to incorporate 1 to 3 games into your Origami Owl Jewelry Bars. These games need to be fun, quick and entertaining for the guests to play. When we say quick that means that each game should take less than 8 minutes to play. You will want to offer prizes for each game and those prizes can be coupons offering discounts on party orders or freebie little promotional items. The choice is entirely up to you. There are many Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Games, but two of my favorites are the Dice Game and the Card Game. Stay tuned for a post all about these two games.

2. Offering your hosts a wide variety of fun party themes is definitely a way to liven up your Origami Owl jewelry bars! You can have a few basic themes but we find the best Origami Jewelry bar themes are ones that are centered around a certain season during the year. You can ask the host & guests to dress a certain way for the party, to bring little items along with them and ask your host to serve appetizers and beverages that relate to the party theme.

3. Your attitude and demeanor play a big part on how well the party is received by the guests in attendance. You want to be smiling, show excitement and have a lot of fun. If you are excited & having fun then the guests will too! If that happens, your Origami Owl hostess simply can’t wait till the next show. One of the biggest tips I can give is to have confidence. I tell my team all the time. YOU ARE THE EXPERT. Even if you mess up, your guests will never know. It’s ok, so HAVE FUN!

4. Think outside the box in regards to party locations! Instead of just offering Origami Owl jewelry bars in a host’s home, think outside the box and offer fun alternative locations. Having parties in local day cares,  church rec halls and community centers is another great way to go. Sometimes people just want to break the boredom of everyday life and get out there and have some fun!

Origami Owl Jewelry Bars that make people want more

Let loose and enjoy your Origami Owl business.  No one will be excited about listening to someone read from note cards. New Origami Owl Designers ask me all the time for a script. Absolutely NOT is my answer. I want them to be them and share why they love Origami Owl. Give your guests a little about you, a little about Origami Owl, a little about why you joined and a little about the products. Then mingle and let people enjoy the experience.

Relax and let your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Party flow and encourage participation from your guests.  The more fun you all have, the more parties will soon be filling up your calendar! Keep that Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Setup simple and eye catching. This too makes having parties more appealing to your guests. They really get to see how simple this business is.  With a fun, exciting, easy party, your guests and hostesses will be happy to explain to people they know when they ask, “What is Origami Owl Jewelry?”

From your attitude, to simple Origami Owl tools, to our Origami Owl Take Out Menu. You really have everything you need to create a business where your customers and hostesses come back for more and more. Origami Owl Jewelry Bar will be their absolute favorite.

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