To Have Origami Owl Inventory or To Not

To Have Origami Owl Inventory or To Not

To Have Origami Owl Inventory or To Not Have Inventory is a question that is always asked by my new designers. Origami Owl is a unique company because designers are able to run their business how they want and what works for their life style. There are pros and cons to both ways of running your business and then there is always the option of doing both.

I love Origami Owl because once someone sees a locket, it sells itself. I love being involved with a company where I don’t have to convince customers that the product is amazing.  I think you are smart business person when you look for a business that is something that people want and not just what you like. Origami Owl is just that.

Having an Inventory Based Origami Owl business

Having lots of inventory on hand can definitely have its perks. The great thing about having inventory is that you can sell at parties and events and your guests can take their goodies home that day or night. We all know that being women and shoppers, we love immediate satisfaction. We love to have our goodies immediately. Also having inventory on hand allows friends or family members who need a quick gift to come over any time their want to purchase things.  Doing this will allow for your inventory to fly off the shelves.  They also save the $8.00 shipping charge by being able to simply pick up what they need. You will make a ton of money immediately if you have stuff on hand but……here is the con and the idea behind having an order based business.

Having an Order Based Origami Owl Business

Origami Owl is a party planning company. The idea is have parties, fill your calendar with bookings and interest people in regards to running their own Origami Owl business. If people think they can just purchase Origami Owl whenever they want, they are way less likely to book parties . I was told once by a few Directors and I think it was from Mary Christensen. “Sales are you paycheck for today, Bookings are your paycheck for tomorrow and Recruits are your paycheck for years to come. ”  When you have parties on your calendar, you are guaranteed 5-15 people per party. That is a lot of people to be in front of to 1. sell lockets 2. book more parties and sell more lockets and 3. talk to people about joining your team. So let’s just say, you keep inventory and you see 10 people a month who buy. If you booked 4 parties, that would be on average 40 buying customers who would probably book more parties (with more people) and probably 4 to 5 of those people would want to start their own business.  See the potential here?

Buy Origami Owl

Yes having inventory is great for events or craft fairs. It gets the products out there but even with events, the key is to network and talk about how great having jewelry bars would be. We all like to sell product and get immediate cash but the big money is in the long haul.  I do have a little inventory for prizes and those last minute gifts for my VIP customers but I truly focus on bookings and recruiting.  Origami Owl became a party planning business to share their lockets at girls nights out and let people have the experience.  That is what it is all about. As I said there are pros and cons to each but I believe if you want to have a successful long term business, designers need to focus on being in front of people and sharing how amazing Origami Owl truly is.

What do you think? I would love to hear.

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