Top Tips For Origami Owl Leaders for Mentoring Your Team

Top Tips For Origami Owl Leaders for Mentoring Your Team

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Tips for Origami Owl Leaders on How to Work with Their Team

Managing a team whether you are in a direct sales business or in a corporate business can be difficult. For some it is the hardest part of the job. You have to be able to deal with different personalities effectively and fairly at all times. Listening is a skill that you will develop and speaking to others in a non-confrontational manner is also crafted as you go. There is always something to learn regardless if you are a new leader or an experienced one. Something I work with so many leaders on is how to communicate with their leaders on Social Media again in a non-confrontational manner. There are so many pieces to being a good leader and mentor and building a team culture that is stable but once you start to see this happening, your team will start moving like a fast bowling ball. They will build momentum and start pushing each other, motivating each other and in turn training to be your next Superstar Origami Owl Leaders.

Quick and Easy Tips for Origami Owl Leaders

For those in direct sales, many are new to leading teams. With that in mind, we wanted to share some quick and easy tips that you can use on how to work with your team for good results.

* Treat all of your team members fairly! It is important to never show favoritism, especially in front of the other members. Others can see it and feel it which builds negative vibes within your group. Don’t get me wrong, you are certainly encouraged to build friendships but coaching time, incentives, mentoring etc should all be conducted fairly.
* Business is business. While it is okay to develop some friendships with members, it is also important to keep your mind and heart open to the hundreds of people that will want to connect with you and learn from you as a Origami Owl Leaders. Make it a goal to connect with new people on your team every single day.

* If you are a weekend work warrior, please remember that a good portion of your team may not be. Often times your work hours are going to differ and you need to be respectful of that.

* Never hound or harass your jewelry designers to do more! When you want them to pump up the volume, you need to present it in a way that doesn’t make them feel super pressured to do it. No one enjoys having the heat put on them. Never have your team do more so you can reach a promotion or bonus. The key to your team growing is when you focus on how Origami Owl can change their life instead of how it can change yours.

* Every consultant joins the business for their own reasons. This means that some will work it as a career and others just for a little bit of extra money. Don’t demand or expect the same thing from everyone on your team. Origami Owl leaders need to understand that every story is going to be different and we need to support each journey.

Origami Owl Leaders

* Always lead your team by setting forth a professional example! No one wants to work with someone who his disorganized, selfish or demanding.

* One of the best ways you can lead your team is by continually educating yourself about the company and about having a home business. Take that continual knowledge and pass it on to your members who can learn from you. Always be finding ways to educate them, provide them resources and information to help their business. Good Origami Owl Leaders share their knowledge.

Strive to be the best Origami Owl Leaders

If you guide each member individually towards the success that they want and need from the business with fairness and interest, you will be strong Origami Owl leaders that others will want to be involved with in the long run.

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