What Comes in the Origami Owl Starter Kit? (Updated)

What Comes in the Origami Owl Starter Kit? (Updated)

The Origami Owl Starter Kit (Updated August 2014)

Two Origami Owl Starter Kits NOW!! Basics $149 and NEW DELUXE KIT FOR $399. Read More Below!

The Origami Owl Starter Kit is just a piece of why people get giddy over this company. People are extremely excited about the Origami Owl business opportunity.  When I started watching this company back in February 2012, I loved the story and the potential I saw. Anyone that is familiar with Jilleysue and my blonde cartoon bobble head knows I have been an active, die hard, passionate direct sales leader for the last 6 years.  I believe there are some people who are not only passionate about products they share, they are passionate about business and helping people who wouldn’t normally ever be able to have their own business live their dreams. The Direct Sales outline is something that creates that dream for people.

Origami Owl first launched as a Direct Sales company in February of 2011. The amount of Designers that were brought aboard was limited to make sure the companies infrastructure was in place. In October 2011, Origami Owl officially signed their first Designer. From there things just took off. Since January of 2012 things have skyrocketed. In April of 2012, Origami Owl had to put a temporary hold on Origami Owl designers due to growth. It was just too rapid to handle being a new company. In May 2012, we launched a “Wait List”.  The response was amazing. In May when the wait list was activated, the average sign up was one Origami Owl designer per second in the first 24 hours. In June of 2012, waves of designers from the wait list begin to be signed up.

Since September of 2013, the Origami Owl wait list has been lifted and new new Origami Owl business owners can start their business immediately. The first thing that potential designers ask is, “What comes in the Origami Owl Starter Kit?”

Origami Owl Starter Kit

Origami Owl Starter Kit Launch Package

We now have two Origami Owl Starter Kit packages that will fit almost everyone who want to start this business. The Origami Owl starter kit has been modified in the last year to be kit that is perfect for anyone to start their Origami Owl business and successful The Basic Business Packages is perfect. It comes with over $325 worth of Origami Owl supplies for only $149 .  This helps people who are on a budget still get started as soon as possible.

Here is what comes in the $149 Origami Owl Starter Kit:


  • 4 Assorted Living Lockets®
  • 34 Assorted Charms
  • A Selection of Assorted Chains
  • 2 Assorted Dangles
  • 2 Assorted Stamped Plates
  • Selected assortment of earring


  • 25 Take Out Menus
  • 25 Order Forms
  • 25 Post Card Invitations
  • 6 Jewelry Bar Planners
  • 12 Thank you Cards
  • Start Living Your Dreams Start Up Guide


  • 2 Charm Trays
  • 3 Pairs of Charm Tweezers (FOR SELECTING CHARMS)
  • E-Commerce Website (Replicated Site)

The Origami Owl Starter Kit business Launch packages have now changed and been updated. To find a Origami Owl consultant or join my team, please visit me on our Origami Owl Facebook Fanpage. The Origami Owl Business opportunity is something that I love sharing with people and I am happy to answer any questions that you have.


Origami Owl Starter Kit


Now new Origami Owl Designers can get their business off to an amazing start. We are now offering an Origami Owl Business Deluxe Package. For months now, our basic package has been an amazing value, and will continue to provide new Designers with everything they need to put on a successful debt jewelry bar. But the DELUXE Business Package is an even better deal. It has more than 50 additional pieces of jewelry. This packages includes more charms, more Living Lockets, more business supplies. More EVERYTHING.  This package is an $1024 retail value for only $399. Do you want to start your new Origami owl Business with a bang? Then this is the kit you want to purchase right when you join my team. Ready to get started now? JOIN HERE!!

Origami Owl $399 Kit

Origami Owl Starter Kit and Origami Owl Commission

Origami Owl offers two types of retail commission rates: one for charms and another for other types of jewelry. For each time you sell charms, you get 50% personal sales commissions and for selling other types of origami owl jewelry offered by the company, you earn 30% sales commissions. This is one of the highest rates in the industry and since there are two rates for sales commissions, you get the most profit potential out of your venture. You can also host new independent designers into your team. If you choose to do so, you can earn commissions on your downline’s commissionable sales and increase your chances of being promoted to higher leadership levels.

Are you ready to get started? Join my Origami Owl Team Now and be a part of something amazing! JOIN HERE!

What Comes in the New Fall Origami Owl Starter Kit 2014?

Are you ready and excited for this fall Origami Owl Season? Get a sneak peek of our new Fall Kits below and what you will get when you start your Origami Owl business. If there was ever a time to get started, now is the time. Check out all the new products and business supplies that will help you get started in your business below. Have we convinced you yet to get started. Check it out and  JOIN HERE!

Origami Owl kit

Origami Owl business

Starter Kit


Lanyard Lockets

Origami Owl Business

New Origami Owl Charms

Origami Owl Jewelry

Origami Owl jewelry

Origami Owl Locket

Origami Owl supplies

Update: August 2014


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