What Duties Is An Origami Owl Mentor Responsible For?

What Duties Is An Origami Owl Mentor Responsible For?

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Recently I was asked what is the difference between an Origami Owl Designer and an Origami Owl Mentor?  Well an Origami Owl Designer is simply someone who decides to start their own Origami Owl business and sell our amazing custom jewelry. A designer becomes a mentor once they decide to start building their team, sponsor new recruits and coach new people how to be successful with Origami Owl.

Becoming an Origami Owl mentor is a huge responsibility. I personally take this very serious. You must commit to investing in your team. You must emotionally connect and really care about the success of your team. My team means the world to me. The only way I personally feel I succeed is when my team accomplishes their goals and dreams.  I definitely let people who want to join my team know how I train, how they can communicate with me, what to expect and I definitely do not allow any negativity on our team page. All of my team know this and love the fact that we promote training together, self improvement, wellness and recognition of our team at all times. I am not the only one training new team members, we all personally invest in each other. It doesn’t matter who your mentor is on our team, we help each other at all teams. It is amazing and as we grow each day, it warms my heart more and more. We are a cohesive team. We are unified and we are there for each other. It is amazing what has happened to our team in a very short amount of time. We are Origami Sisters forever now.

As a mentor, it is your job to create the environment like I have listed above. As a leader you are responsible for making sure people feel comfortable answering questions and making sure they know how to start their business. No one should be left alone.

When you decide to build your team you will be responsible for:

  • Supporting them in choosing an initial launch date and making sure they do that as quickly as possible.
  • Help your new team member with Hostess Coaching tips
  • Suggest that your new owl have 2-4 Parties in her first 30 days
  • We Help a new owl in how to order, the payment process and moving around her back office
  • We explain how to set up the hostess area
  • We post when the training calls are and encourage all new members to join these training calls and stay engaged.
  • Along with OO training calls, Our own team will be having training calls in addition to the OO calls starting in APRIL. HOORAY!!!
  • We help our team members with recruiting and how to have opportunity conversations
  • We review the career plan with our team. We make sure they know where they are and what they need to do to get to the next level.
  • I encourage recruiting and how your compensation will change once you start recruiting.
  • We make sure our team members know how to get a hold of their mentor, or upline mentor or other people in our group AT ALL TIMES.
  • We encourage new team members sharing their “WHY” so we know how involved they will be in their OO business.
  • We continue to coach, mentor train EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When you are choosing a mentor, you should be sure that the mentor you are speaking with is covering all of the above and if you are choosing to mentor, it is time to make sure you and/or your team is covering all of the above for your new owls. You succeed when they succeed.

Our team is very close. Our Facebook Team Page is VERY Active. We also provide Motivational Monday so that everyone can see where the leaders are in the group and what each of us need to do to get to the top. We provide flyers, videos, Social Media tips, a new team website is almost complete. A monthly video newsletter,  New Team Webinars are starting in April along with personal one on one time if needed.  We also provide a separate FUTURE DIRECTORS page for all of my first level team members. This page is where we go over training for leadership and recruiting. The team absolutely loves it.

Our team is really motivated by the success of each other. Take some time and make sure you choose a mentor who is active. Ask questions and match your personality to theirs. Be sure they are more interested in you being successful. A good mentor will tell you to do your research and ask questions. This is the single most important choice you will make. Choose wisely!!!

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