What is an Origami Owl Jewelry Party?

What is an Origami Owl Jewelry Party?

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Origami Owl Jewelry Parties are a fun way to bring a group of friends together, remember memories and celebrate you. I remember going to parties and being so bored and just wanting the catalog and order for so that I could see what fun things I wanted to buy. Beyond that, I just wanted to hang out with my girlfriends. An Origami Owl Jewelry party, which we refer to as a Jewelry Bar is just that, an experience. It isn’t a time for me to stand in front of you for 2 hours telling you about every charm and locket. It is a time for you to look at all the charms and have fun picking out the ones that represent your life.

At your Girls Night, I will showcase Origami Owl’s customizable jewelry collections. You and your friends will have an absolutely great time playing with the items, putting together how your locket will look and placing your order. Soon you have created a piece that is a reflection of who you are and what you love.

As the Hostess, getting ready for your  party is so easy. People don’t come for the food, they come to be with friends. We’ll chat during the weeks leading up to your party. You have a few goodies, round up your friends and you will earn a free shopping spree toward the jewelry selection of your choice.   Now you can create an even longer wish list.

So GO! Email me, Text me, Facebook me and Tweet your girls. Time to invite them over for the Origami Owl experience, some light refreshments, some wine and I’ll take care of the rest. It is easy. Message me today at www.facebook.com/OrigamiOwlbyJilleysue

Here is what you can earn by hosting your Jewelry Bar plus some other suprises!!

earn 10% FREE in your choice of Origami Owl selections!earn 25% off a single item for every $250 in Party Sales!earn 30% off a single item for every party booked
from your party to treat yourself to more Origami Owl!
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