What is Origami Owl?

What is Origami Owl?

What exactly is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in history, earning a ton of awards and still going strong. We were first established in 2010, by 14 year old at the time Bella. Bella had a goal to purchase her own car on her 16th birthday. Well she got her Jeep dream car and so much more. Origami Owl first started with Bella simply having home parties on her own and a set up at mall kiosks. When both of these took off flying to the point where the Weems family could not keep up, her mom Chrissy Weems decided that the direct sales industry would be perfect to show case our personalized Origami Owl lockets and charms.  In late 2011, Origami Owl Jewelry took on their first consultants calling them designers and offering all women the opportunity to build their own entrepreneurial success. Now a little over 3 years later with over 70,000 across the United States, Bella’s dream Jeep turned into created dreams for thousands of families around the country.

Origami Owl Jewelry

Origami Owl Lockets can be customized with  Charms, Plates, Dangles and Tags to create your personalized story. Along with our Locket collection, we now have our bracelet collection, our Living Lanyard Collection along with our Origami Owl Core Collection. Origami Owl truly makes the perfect gift for anyone from best friends, bridal parties, mothers, sisters, and so much more.

Origami Owl Catalog

The Origami Owl catalog is something that you want to sign up to receive every single month. It is simply gorgeous and there is something for everyone inside. Put post it notes inside the catalog to remember, Mom’s birthday, Valentines Day, a celebration of a life or a milestone, you can find charms that or something for almost anyone you can think off. Add a pop of color with a dangle or vision of hope with a window plate. Anything is truly possible with Origami Owl Jewelry.  We don’t have an Origami Owl online catalog but I am happy to mail you one every season. Just message me at Jill@SparklingLockets.com with your address and I’ll get you on my seasonal list.

Sparkling Hooters

Interested in learning more about getting your own Origami Owl locket or starting your own business?  Check out our Origami Owl Hostess Rewards or the Origami Owl Business Opportunity.  Wouldn’t you love to be a Sparkling HOOTER???  We’d love to have you!  We have customized New Designer and Social Media training along with 24 hour support Come check it out.

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