What Reports Should an Origami Owl Designer Check Daily?

What Reports Should an Origami Owl Designer Check Daily?

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An Origami Owl Designer should check certain reports daily to be sure they are where they are suppose to be in their business.

When having an Origami Owl team, there are certain things an Origami Owl Designer is responsible for that may go unsaid or might be assumed that you know. To lead a team effectively, checking that the reports that are available to you  can be a very helpful tool in managing your team and encouraging them as well. There are a couple of reports that you can check daily that are a must.

Every day you should look at your own personal sales totals and your own booking schedule. For you to lead a team effectively, you will need to keep on increasing your own sales and bookings so that the team sees a strong leader and you are setting an example for them. You will need to know all of the Origami Owl sales requirements and be sure that your team knows them as well. From the day and Origami Owl designer receives their Origami Owl starter kit, it is time for the one on one coaching to begin and for your team to know what they should be looking at.

As an Origami Owl designer even if you are satisfied with your own personal totals, it is important to keep working to increase them. Never ever stop building your business. Never stop recruiting and having a FULL calendar. This will give you a stable business

Once you start building your team, YOU ARE A LEADER. Origami Owl leaders can see the totals for their down line by logging into the back office. Every day you should be looking at each team members sales and then look at the total combined sales of their team and your down line team. When an Origami Owl designer join, they do not know how to read these reports, so it will be important for you to check them to let them know where they are and also show them what they should be looking for you. To create a strong team, you can’t do the work for them. You must show them so that they can become strong as well.

 For team members who are struggling, send them words of encouragement along with some tips on how to improve their sales. For your members that are thriving, send them messages of praise and encourage them to keep moving forward.

Origami Owl Designer Check In

By checking on your Origami Owl designer progress daily, you can help motivate and encourage them to be excellent business builders. By checking in on your own sales you will know how you are doing and what you need to improve upon to make you a more effective leader too. I encourage my team to always work on self improvement. To improve in their Origami Owl business and to find things to teach them self improvement such as communication and leadership courses.

Don’t just be an Origami Owl Designer, be an Origami Owl Leader Always

Being an effective leader means that you need to be aware of what your team is doing on a daily basis and motivate them to reach their own business goals for success.


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