When to Pin on Pinterest

When to Pin on Pinterest

When Do I Pin on Pinterest for my Origami Owl business?

So many people ask me, ” Jilleysue, when do I pin on pinterest?” I am actually really glad that people ask me that question because they understand that timing is a real factor when it comes to pinning for business. You can have the best graphics around or the best blog content but it is not going to get any repins if no nobody sees what you are pinning. So in this post, I want to cover a few tips that will help you when trying to figure out when to pin your own custom content and repin others content.

So before you even begin pinning on Pinterest, we have to assume, you have started your Pinterest account.  All of your boards should be set up, organized and have lots of pins within them. Not just pins but pins that you know other people will be super excited about looking at. Each board should have at least 10 pins inside it in order for Pinterest to consider it relevant, so before you even make it public, be sure the boards are full You will want boards that promote your business, your interests and definitely some boards for fun.  Pinning for business needs to be strategic so you need to be sure each board is Pinterest worthy.

Now that all that is done, and you begin watching your Pinterest board, you see that your page is not very active. Although you have a ton of followers, lots of boards, lots of pins, something just isn’t working. This is where people always ask me, “Jill I have done everything you said, but what is wrong?”

Timing is how you could improve your Pinterest page.

How could timing effect your Pinterest page so much? Well we have to remember, that many people look away form Social Media once in a while. I know hard to believe right. Social Media is my speciality so it seems insane to me but its true.  Now since they look away for even hours at time, the difficult party is trying to figure out when your target market and followers are actually going to be on Pinterst. The hard part is figuring out when your followers are going to be on the site.

What is the best time to pin on Pinterest?

Statistics show that the best times to pin on Pinterest is during the day before 2 PM and 4 PM Est and also 8 AM to 1AM Est Standard time in the evening. In my training, I have also learned that pins are engaged with more when pinned on Thursdays and Satrudays. But we have to remember that most stats given are in regards to millions of pins and also different users.

Something else to remember is Calls to action in the pins description get 80% more engagement, as well as if you start pinning trending topics, you could have as much as 94%  more engagement on Pinterest. Something definitely to think about when planning out your Pinterest strategy.

When deciding when to pin, you need to keep your typical follower in mind.. A high school student has a different schedule than a stay at home mom, and a working woman won’t be on Pinterest as obsessively as a social media fanatic. Definitely think about what you are pinning and when. Makes sense right. Who do you want to see your page? Pin things that you know will draw attention to your page. For example, I love mason jars. They seem to be all the hype right now. When I pin mason jars in the middle of the afternoon, it is amazing to see the engagement of stay at home moms who like mason jars. Hmmmm stay at home moms? Yes a prime candidate for my Origami Owl business.

Origami owl Pinterst

Hopefully you now have a better idea of when to pin. Although general trends among followers are great, pay special attention to your Origami Owl business. Take a hard look at your business and your fans. Figure out what a typical day looks like for your top followers, and give them the content they want when they need it. You will be surprised to see the shift in the engagement.

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4 Responses to When to Pin on Pinterest

  1. Beth Niebuhr says:

    Timing is important with so many things in business and that includes Pinterest, as you said.
    Beth Niebuhr recently posted…Then and NowMy Profile

  2. Great tips. And timing is important. Even something awesome can get lost in the mix if pinned at an off time.

  3. Just getting started on Pinterest and found your post very helpful. Thanks
    Patty Kogutek recently posted…Release and RelaxMy Profile

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