Your First 41 Steps In Your New Origami Owl Business

Your First 41 Steps In Your New Origami Owl Business

Starting Your Origami Owl Business

You have just signed up for your new Origami Owl business, well what is next….what do you do? There is plenty to do even before you get your Origami Owl  starter kit.  You will be well on your way to the road of success. We couldn’t be happier to help create your Origami Owl Story. Your Success is our success.

Check out these 41 steps to creating the most successful Origami Owl business possible.

Check out these Free Easy Origami Instructions to getting started fast.

  1. [  ] Call me…your Mentor or email me. I’d be happy to answer those oh so scary questions you might have. Don’t worry. We’ll take them one step at a time.
  2. [  ] Make an Origami Owl business email address.  You will get emails from clients, Origami Owl HQ, your Director and Me.  KISS — You don’t want to have to search for business related materials.  Just start off w/ a new address and everything will be separate.  Go to your Back office and Edit Your Profile –and you can change to your new email address at any time.  There are many places you can get a free account such as Gmail, Hotmail or AOL.
  3. [  ] Find your way around your Origami Owl “back office”
  4. [  ] Check our AWESOME Team Facebook Page. This is your support hub and will be an awesome tool for your success
  5. [  ] Download Origami Owl Jewelry flyers and other promotional materials.
  6. [  ] Print off 100 of those.
  7. [  ] Create your list of 100 contacts.
  8. [  ] Add contacts to your contacts area in the back office
  9. [  ] Start talking to people right away about your business and giving out the flyers.
  10. [  ] Contact your local fairs to see if you can sent up events.
  11. [  ] Visit your bank and set up a separate checking account for your business. This just makes everything easier.
  12. [  ] Take Car Mileage today and buy a mileage tracker at a local Staples or Office Depot.  You will need your mileage for tax purposes.
  13. [  ] Get organized- File all new paperwork in expandable file or hanging files. Keep track of parties in manila file folders.
  14. [  ] Get a separate credit card account for your Origami Owl business.
  15. [  ] Set up your voicemail and make sure everyone who calls knows you have a new business.
  16. [  ] Create your Origami Owl Facebook Fan Page.
  17. [  ] Save all receipts concerning business from this day forward.  Keep in a folder by month or accordion file.  Makes things easier at tax time.
  18. [  ] Make sure you are tweeting about your new business. Great place to get new contacts.
  19. [  ] Read your policy and procedure manual cover to cover with a highlighter.
  20. [  ] Write down questions with regard to your training manual and company back office and call me again to get your questions answered.
  21. [  ] Send out an Introductory Letter announcing your NEW Origami Owl BUSINESS to all of your family and Friends.
  22. [  ] Use your products for personal use. If you don’t have a locket yet, wait for your kit but wear one every where you go.
  23. [  ] Set a goal to talk to at least 3-5 people (or 5 phone calls) every day in your first 30 days of business. Keep a checklist to hold you accountable. Do this until you have enough parties on your calendar for the first 70 days.
  24. [  ] Make labels for your catalogs. Include your name, phone number, website and email. 
  25. [  ] Put catalogs and flyers in your trunk or back of your car so you’ll always have them on hand to give when you’re talking about your business.
  26. [  ] Watch the training videos in the Training Center of your Back office. Know everything about Origami Owl Lockets.
  27. [  ] Listen to the Training calls and webinars.  Join us every Tuesday at 8pm EST. Link will be posted on our page.
  28. [  ] Look at your Calendar, get it ready and know when you are available for parties.
  29. [  ] Launch Party Date.  This party does NOT have to take place at your house –it can be a friend or relative who wants to help you get started.  
  30. [  ] Create 6 Hostess Packets for your launch party. Remember the launch party is to book parties and recruit new designers.
  31. [  ] Create 6 Origami Owl Business Opportunity Packets– Remember the launch party is to book parties and recruit new designers.
  32. [  ] Put up a drawing box in local places that your target market frequents.
  33. [  ] Join your chamber of commerce or other local networking group.
  34. [  ] Run an ad in your local paper. Be sure to get this approved by Compliance.
  35. [  ] Put the dates of any upcoming company sponsored events (convention, etc) on your calendar now. Convention is July 23rd to 25th in Chicago 2015.
  36. [  ] Call me again and ask me what you need to do to be able to get to convention and/or other company sponsored event.
  37. [  ] Schedule at least 15 minutes a day every day to do something to promote your business.
  38. [  ] Set up a follow up system for customers, recruits and future team members.
  39. [  ] Send Goals to me at If you want just want to be active every month and sell $199; or you want to make $500 month –send me your goals for the first 3 months –and I will do my best to help you achieve them. 
  40. [  ] Be excited about your Origami Owl business. You have just joined the most amazing company!
  41. [  ] Call or email me and let me know you have just completed my Origami Owl Starter 41 to Jump start your business. Your next goal should be to find a Origami Owl consultant to join the company with you so that you can travel your journey together.

Is that all for my Origami Owl Business?

Obviously this list is not exhaustive but hopefully it will help you jump into your new direct sales business with both feet. Print it off, highlight a few things that you can do TODAY and watch your business start to grow right from the start.  You can run your business however you want, but these tips come from the most successful.

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