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How to Schedule Your Origami Owl Posts on Your Fanpage


People are always asking me how do I stay on top of my social media? Something that I am consistent with on a daily basis is making sure that I schedule my Origami Owl posts no matter what is going on. Whether you are working your business day to day, taking a day off or going on vacation, be sure that your Facebook Fan Page posts are always consistent with 3 to 4 posts every single day.Continue Reading

Huge Origami Owl Summer Special


WOW! Look at this Origami Owl Summer Special

I get so excited about my business that I quickly post special on my Facebook Fan page but I often forget to blog about them for all of you that are following us here. This year we have a huge Origami Owl Summer Special going on.Continue Reading

Top Origami Owl Customer Service Tips


Separating yourself and proving amazing Origami Owl Customer Service can be the difference between a one time customer and someone who stays with you and knows you as the locket lady for life. The later will refer all her family and friends to you forever. Not only will you have one customer, you will have that person’s entire network of connections to grow your Origami Owl business. Making your customers feel special and providing just a little extra effort can go a long way.Continue Reading

4 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Using The Phone


It is a well-known fact that one on one conversation is still the best way to develop your Origami Owl business. Regardless of the business you are in, being able to speak to someone in a business manner is important. I think that anyone that is in some sort of a sales position has an aversion to using the phone but it can be the best singular method of reaching your customers so learning how to embrace the methods of using the phone properly can pay you back in the long run.Continue Reading

Create a Living Locket, Host a Jewelry Bar Experience or Join Origami Owl and become an Independent Designer TODAY.... you decide what story you want to create.

Let me help you create the perfect locket to tell your story! Every Living Locket is custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. Something for yourself or the perfect gift. Lets go shopping!

Host an Origami Owl jewelry bar and we will bring all of the jewelry to display them in the comfort of your home. A Girls night out open house style or specific time. Its your night. Too busy for a home party, ask me about our Take out parties where you can earn O2 on the go.

Origami Owl is the perfect company to join for those that are looking to grow with a company and be apart of something amazing. If you love our Jewelry and the idea of building a special story for people, than this is the business for you. Only $149 to get started TODAY!

Origami Owl® is a social selling jewelry business. Create a Living Locket® with custom designed charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love.

Bella Weems started Origami Owl® with $350 and a simple dream in mind—getting a car on her 16th birthday. When she was 14, she asked her parents for a car but they said she needed to work for it. So, with all of her babysitting money and family’s support, she set out to start her own business and created Origami Owl®. Bella made her dreams a reality, are you ready to do the same?

Join our Origami Owl team and leverage all the AMAZING resources we offer to grow your Origami Owl Business. The Sparkling Hooters team has designers is every state in the US. We have a powerful, 24 hour Facebook Group support system, a password protected team portal where we highlight how to get started, communication, events, video and documents, as well as a You Tube channel with ongoing training. Our special inner circle will teach anyone how to have a TOP Origami Owl business. You don’t choose one mentor, you choose our entire Sparkling Hooter family for support.


Jill McCarthy, known to most as Jilleysue is an Independent Designer with Origami Owl who has been with the company since being on the "Wait List" in the early months of 2012. She is a business woman with a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves so they can build their own business and create their own destiny. Origami Owl became hugely attractive as a business opportunity when Jill saw how our products tell a story and allow people to showcase their journey through a beautiful piece of jewelry. She loved that this business could touch a person's heart and give so many people the opportunity of having their story close to them or building a business that could change the lives of so many people. Jill's life has completely changed since starting her Origami Owl business and now she has made it a goal to help other's choose the life they want instead of letting others choose it for them. 

Origami Owl catalogs feature our personalized jewelry collection, as well as information in regards to hosting your own girls night or the business opportunity. When you request a catalog, you will also receive my personalized VIP sales and latest Origami Owl News.
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