The History of Origami Owl Living Lockets

Origami Owl Living locketsThe History of Origami Owl Living Lockets

The History of Origami Owl Living Lockets, and the trend of these fabulous, sparkling gifts was started by a 14 year old girl in 2010. The young girl’s name was Bella and Bella had a dream.  She wanted to collect enough money to purchase a car for her 16th birthday celebration.  She sold her customized and personalized jewelry at events and parties to gain extra money. After that she realized that the brand was gaining a lot of popularity in the public and people loved to get this unique brand of locket.  Now she has established a successful business structure that helps everyone to express their feeling and stories through origami owl living lockets.

Bella offered something glass, fresh and fun. It was personalized jewelry filled with charms and love. These charms represent something special to each owner. After the two years with so much success,  Origami owl decided to become a direct sales company in January 2012 to contribute their services to the people who are passionate with jewelry.  The living lockets are the signature piece at origami owl, people fall in love to get them. The attractive point is that, these ranges are magnetic; you can add or switch your charms whenever you want.

What are Origami Owl Living Lockets Made of?

Origami Owl lockets are made of stain less steel and glass. You can customize these lockets in either gold, plated sterling silver, or rose gold.  These lockets are come in two different sizes; some includes charms or crystals around the locket. Our lockets give you many categories to build a legacy locket. There are unlimited choices to put your locket or a gift of someone else’s together.  You can create it for every family member or friend.

The idea behind Origami Owl Living Lockets is  that they are a complete gift for your wife, mother, sister, friend, grandmother, survivor, and any loved one.  The product range is continuously increasing and we are adding to items to add to your special lockets all of the time.

Are you finding a perfect jewelry gift for holidays, Christmas, wedding, birthday, or any beautiful occasion? Origami owl Living Lockets are the amazing option because they are gorgeous and meaningful choice.

More about Origami Owl Living Lockets

Check out more of Bella’s Story here: What is your Dream?

 Origami Owl Living Lockets are simply the greatest way to explain your feeling, story, or thinking to your loved one. Click here to Start Shopping!

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